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Montana EPS2 The EPS2 is a true hand assembled high-performance loudspeaker, made in the USA, utilizing the very best materials available. This state-of-the-art product operates with a linear frequency response throughot the whole audible register. The EPS2's predecessor, the MONTANA EPS, has been highly praised by the audio press and the public. The original EPS defended its status as a Class A Recommended product in Stereophile for many years. The editor of the Norwegian audio magazine Fidelity characterized the original MONTANA EPS as "one of the safest Best Buys" he knew of (Fidelity no. 5/2003). Still, the R&D department at PBN Audio never rests. Hence the introduction of the MONTANA EPS2 in 2005. However, only an active demonstration of the MONTANA EPS2 hooked up with world class electronics will bring out the full potensial of this non-compromise loudspeaker.

You will find the MONTANA EPS2 on Fidelity's list of "Recommended Products 2003 - 2008" (Issue # 01/2008). The EPS2 has been picked out by Fidelity's critical reviewers as an elite product among the huge number of high-end loudspeakers on the market that the renowned audiomagazine has reviewed through the past years. The MONTANA EPS2 has recieved this respectable distinction due to its outstanding performance at the price. Thus, the MONTANA EPS2 has taken over the heritage from its legendary predecessor, the MONTANA EPS, which was regarded as a Stereophile Class A Recommended product for a number of years.

In a review in Fidelity # 23/2006 you can read about the reasons why the MONTANA EPS has been regarded as an outstanding loudspeaker:

"The Montana EPS2: A Mustang or a Norwegian horse?
The first impression of this loudspeaker is "typically Scandinavian", i.e. a Norwegian horse. Still full blooded. This is as far as you can get from a tired donkey! Because: There is no lack of finesse and there is no lack of temper. It is obvious that SEAS manufactures excellent bass drivers, since we in this case also experienced an easy going, playful and at the same time rythmically engaging bass reproduction. Fortunately there is no such thing as an aggressive mid range presentation, which sometimes can be percieved as impressive if you favour some musical styles, but soon will appear tiring.

The Montana EPS2 er now simply a very competent and grand loudspeaker that will handle most of your recordings with a huge panorama of sound. The EPS2 offers a full-bodied sound reproduction, an excellent bass fundament and a homogenious top end presentation. Thus, this is a typical "all rounder" without any preference made to specific musical styles due to its neutral way of presenting the music. Fortunately this does not mean that nothing sounds really great!

This is a very entertaining loudspeaker, indeed, capable of presenting a grand soundstage. In fact, this feature will allow you to experiment with a longer distance between the loudspeakers than usually recommended. Completely Colosseum!

The PBN Montana EPS2 truly is a very capable high-end loudspeaker. Its sonic balance is close to neutral. Moreover, the Montana EPS2 is easy to deal with in every other aspect in middle sized to big rooms. Its price is not a challenge when compared to its build-quality and its elegant appearance. The Montana EPS2 is also an excellent loudspeaker due to its great sound characteristics, all the way from its rapid sub bass presentation via a well articulated mid range region to a very competent tweeter section, especially if you like a to fill a middle sized room with a lot of sound. (Quote: Knut Vadseth, Fidelity)"

The Absolute Sound - Recommended Components List / Editor's Choice Award 2006 (Harry Pearson):

"PBN Montana EPS2 / Reviewed by NG, Issue 164/2006

Though it requires almost a painfully long break in time - fresh from the crates they sound lean and ultracool - once it gets cooking the PBN Montana delivers a fantastic sense of dynamic attack, a rich enveloping midband, a sweet top register, a bottom end that moves some serious air, and a large, floating soundtage.

Patience is more than its own reward."

The Absolute Sound (TAS):
The MONTANA EPS2 attained a rave review from The Absolute Sound in February, 2006. We encourage you to read all about it here:

Review from The Absolute Sound February 2006

The formidable sensitivity of 92 dB (1 m/2,83 V) reveals some of the ambitions with this loudspeaker, which outclasses even far more expensive loudspeakers. In fact, the performance of the MONTANA EPS2 can withstand competition from almost any high-end loudspeaker available in the market. The EPS2 represents a value for money rarely seen in the ultra high-end loudspeaker niche market. Please contact us for a demonstration and be the judge yourself!

Montana EPS2 MONTANA EPS2 utilizes specially custom designed and modified drivers from SEAS of Norway. All drivers are unique for the EPS2, technically developed and adapted to PBN Audio's requirements in order to fit optimally to the MONTANA EPS2 only. This approach demands excessive development work and costs, but only optimally tuned high-quality components are good enough to meet the MONTANA EPS2's tolerances. In fact, such a non-compromise development preocedure is absolutely necessary in order to achieve the neutrality, resolution and refinement that the EPS2 is capable of reproducing, still with no detriment to the reproducton of the natural dynamics that music actually consists of.

The 2 ea. 9" SEAS/MONTANA bass drivers delivers a superb bass reproduction. The optimally matched correlation between stiffness and damping, and the extremly powerful magnet system, will reproduce nothing but the tightest, fastest and most defined bass reproduction any music lover can desire. A total of 12 state-of-the-art drivers ensure a tremendous dynamic capacity and reduce distortion and compression to an absolute minimum, even at extremely high output levels. The heavy, rock solid, internally braced cabinet also contributes to the intrigueing clarity, resolution and physical dynamics. The impressive technical specifications of the MONTANA EPS2 are results of advanced engineering, utilizing the highest quality components available. Moreover, the EPS2 has undergone thorough testing in realistic listening surroundings to ensure that the loudspeaker will adapt to a wide variety of listening rooms with different sizes, shapes and acoustic features. Properly positioned and hooked up with high quality electronics, the EPS2 will work brilliantly in quite small rooms, as well as middle sized and big rooms. The EPS2 will always let you enjoy your recorded music in an unfettered way.

Montana EPS2

The mid-range units are 2 ea. 4" SEAS drivers, custom made for the MONTANA EPS2 only, utilizing a glass-fiber structure, due to its technical and sonic features. High transients are always reproduced with tremedous slam and dynamics and extremely low distortion. These long-throw mid-range drivers sound balanced, clear, detailed and extraordinarily transparent and natural. You have probably never heard the subtle neuances of string instruments and human voices beeing reproduced so articulate, present and natural as the EPS2 does. You will easily be able to differ between layer upon layer of voices on for example a well recorded operatic work. You will get the fascinating feeling of musicians and vocalists beeing present in your listening room, positioned in different spots right there in front of you.

The custom spec SEAS/Montana tweeter has been technically enhanced and real-life tested over and over again in order to acheive the highest resolution and dynamic capacity that any tweeter technology can offer today. In fact, the MONTANA EPS2's ability to handle tremendous dynamic transient peaks with ease and brilliance, without compression, distorsion or detriment to the finest resolution, is one of the most important features that sets the EPS2 apart from the competition, even at twice the price level. The MONTANA EPS2's extreme high-frequency resolution, combined with the ultra-dynamic SEAS tweeter technology, is simply required to generate a highly credible illusion of the musical truth.

The 24 dB per octave cross-over system ensures perfect transitions between the cross-over frequencies. Cross-over frequencies as low as 20 Hz and as high as 3500 Hz contributes to the extremely natural and homogeneous mid-range reproduction. The cross-over design is a result of cutting-edge engineering and hand assembled parts of the highest available quality. The bass, mid-range and tweeter drivers and the cross-over blend the reproduced sounds into a homogeneous whole.

PBN Audio uses the latest CNC router technology for cutting the MDF boards that the main cabinets, the internal driver cabinets and the internal bracings are assembled from. The rigidity and resistance against vibrations are due to precision cut boards, heavy internal bracing and thick materials. Hence the EPS2's impressive weight. The EPS2's cabinet is as dead as a sledgehammer.

The MONTANA EPS2 is equipped with two sets of terminals, allowing use of bi-wired loudspeaker cables.

Montana EPS2 Specifications:
Dimensions: H 53" / W 15" / D 15"
Weight: 68 kg/each (136 kg/pair)
Frequency range: 20-22000 Hz +/- 3 dB
Sensitivity: 92 dB / 2,86 V / 1 m
Power handling: 300W continouosly
Cross-over frequencies: 225 / 3500 Hz
Bass: 2 ea. 9" SEAS/MONTANA custom drivers
Mid-range 2 aa. 4" SEAS/MONTANA custom drivers
Tweeter: 1 aa. 1" SEAS/MONTANA driver
Finish: Custom order

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